Tallboys Craft Beer House

Web Design / Menu Design

The owners at Tallboys Craft Beer House pride themselves on craft beer and great food with local ingredients.

After celebrating their four year anniversary they were looking to update their brand image to a feel more consistent with their trendy Bloordale neighbourhood. Working with the logo they had, and taking inspiration from other local hot spots, I developed a brand that clearly conveyed their love of Toronto without being predictable (go Jays!), and that embraced the 'beer first' energy exclusive to local pubs.

Check out the live site
(and if you're in Toronto, check them out in person - I recommend the Burrito Bites)

Check out the project:

Tallboys Menu Website-22.jpg

I created a clear, no frills document that is easy to update, easy to read, and that blends flawlessly with the website and logo branding. Potential patrons can find it on the website and in all it's glory in person at Tallboys.  I used the header from the home page, which is the Google streetview of the storefront, with a newsprint looking treatment. I utilized the same font and colour combination as the website, with more red action for an edgy pop. 

A custom map illustrated for the home page.